scott-headshotThe Roaring Fork Valley’s Real Estate market is as unique as it’s landscape. Very short distances traveled towards or away from Aspen can equate to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  It is important that if you are wanting to move to this area that you find a realtor that has the market knowledge necessary  and can help you understand all the different locations, amenities, and qualities of homes! I take the profession of Real Estate seriously and I’m constantly working to better my market knowledge and negotiation skills.  I work hard to be available when it’s convenient for you and will put in the leg work necessary to make your dream of being a homeowner in the Roaring Fork Valley a reality.  

I understand how intimidating a big move can be.  I, myself, relocated to the area from Alaska 8 years ago and I want to make that transition for you as seamless as possible. There is enough worries about packing, moving, and starting new jobs that it is nice to know you have someone here with integrity, knowledge, and experience working in your best interest to help make this new chapter in your life positive.  For my out of town buyers I can even shoot professional quality videos of homes so that they can get a jump start on shopping before they even get to town.  

 Let me help you find that perfect show home, fixer-upper, or assist you in building your dream home.  I take pride in my background in construction and with this experience I can advise you in the costs and feasibility of possible remodels, or new construction.   If you are just starting out and may have never purchased a home before, allow me to walk you through step-by-step, from getting pre-qualified all the way to being a “homeowner.”   I thoroughly enjoy helping all types of buyers, from seasoned homebuyers to the novice and I look forward to hearing your story.